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Summit Sunrise

Wake up with the live morning show everyone is watching.

The Vibe

All about Summit County. Activities to do. Places to go.

Adventure Colorado

Looking for adventure in Summit County? You have come to the right place.

Mountain Dining Guide

With so many restaurants in Summit County, how do you choose?

Summit Mountain Homes

Summit County’s only real estate show!

Dropping In

Interviews with some of the top athletes in the world.


5:30am – The Vibe6:00am – Yoga

6:30am – Discovering Steamboat

7:00am – Summit Mountain Homes and Lifestyles

8:00am – Summit Sunrise [LIVE]

9:00am – Summit Mountain Homes and Lifestyles

10:00am – The Vibe

11:30am – Mountain Dining Guide

11:45am – Winter Preview

1:00pm – Summit Sunrise [Replay]

2:00pm – Mountain Dining Guide

2:15pm – Mountain Dining Guide

2:30pm – Adventure Colorado

3:30pm – The Vibe

5:00pm – Mountain Dining Guide

5:15pm – Winter Preview

6:00pm – Yoga

6:30pm – The Vibe

7:00pm – Breck Grand Vacation

7:30pm – Mountain Dining Guide

7:45pm – Slice of Summit – Gear

8:00pm – Snow Monsters – Children’s Programming

9:00pm – Summit Mountain Homes and Lifestyles

11:00pm – The Vibe

Full Winter Schedule